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Rain Wey Graduate From Julliard

I woke today to the sound of what I thought was the community being attacked. Bullets! I could here them pelting every side of the building.

”Na wa o” was all I could say when I noticed it was only raining.

I saw no sense in going back to bed, so I stare out the window from my bed for a long time. I love💝 rain, you see. 

Soon, I could not withhold my respect anymore, ”You’re the Bayelsa rain I’ve heard a lot about, aren’t you?” I wrap myself tighter in my wrapper. ”Nice to meet you. I’m Chioma. Uhm, don’t worry, I’m not afraid of you. Please treat me well in this land”

”Grrrrrrrrrrrrrroooo” agreed the thunder

”Thank you”

I listen quietly, lazy thoughts swishing like a goblet of wine in my head. The rain really wants to shoot off the roof?…Maybe I’m really in enemy territory afterall…
Yesterday’s conversation with Mama Kima also happened to swish by. Hmm, perhaps, that’s it?

”I heard you’re not happy cause it’s time for you to go? Eyah. I wish I could help but I can’t. I personally don’t want you to end every year too but it’s sadly, the natural order of things.”

”You know that scripture? There’s a time for everything?”


”Yea, I bet you do! But, you’ll be able to come back soon. I heard it keeps raining alround here in Bayelsa. So you’re even lucky…unlike some of your brothers in other places.”


”Uhm, how about if I promise to write something about you on Facebook today, if you promise to not be sad anymore?

A second-count of sudden light illuminated my room. Lightening had decided to answer this time around.

”Then, deal.”

I could have sworn I felt the windows shake this time or was that the building’s foundation?

I had just decided what the title of the future post would be-The Roaring Rain when I heard it, the wild harmony. Should I call it an orchestra or a choir? I listened some more and could not shake the feeling that there was a music director by my veranda, conducting the rain, putting up a private show for me.

”Grrrrrooooooooooo” you’ve met thunder, my good Buddy. He was the bass.

”Ta ta ra ta ta ta ra ta ta ra ta ta” the continuous drops pelting the roof, looked to me like the lead vocalist.

”Tum tum tum tum,” was the sound of rain drops by the building itself, our very own backup singers.

The winds went; Swwwwiiiiiiiishhhh and the window’s shivered as they hummed in reply reminding me of students that hate music class but graduation requirements, forced them to attend- hummmphh
The rain gathering into the water tank were the foot tappers. ”Pam pam pam”, they were the people that had given up on attaining professionalism in music but just can’t let go of the music itself. 

My dance moves surprise even myself sometimes! I say this because of the powerful ballet solo I choreographed in my head within minutes of listening to nature play (emphasis on, powerful and in my head). 

Pam pam
Pam pam
Ta ta ra ta ta ta ra ta ta ra ta ta
Pam pam
Hummmphh hummmphh
Pam pam
Hummmphh hummmphh
Ta ta ra ta ta ta ra ta ta ra ta ta
Pam pam

And as if realising I’d gotten the message, the music suddenly stopped. I would have eyed the conductor if I could see him. One second, there’s a roaring rain, the next, there was NOT. 

”Woah, you can’t get creepier than that,” I mutter but glancing at the time to plan my day, I find it’s exactly 6:00am! ”Yep, definetly some shades of creepy about you!”

All in all, it was a beautiful Sunday morning. I made a rain buddy too👫 but I still feel like the title to this should have been Goodbye Raining Season, cause that’s what I feel this is.

I’ve been wondering also, who the music director could be. HE definitely is not the everyday type. Perhaps you know😉?

Thank you for reading!

Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.

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