No Dey Look Wetin U No Wan Chop!

You don’t like girls that dress sensually but every time Nkechi passes, you do an in-depth analysis of her dressing to find what is showing and what is not? I know my dear, shebi it’s just for later gist abi?

You will never watch a particular movie but you don’t mind watching the clips wherever you see them, shey?

So you think Bobrisky is silly but you follow all his social media pages? Yes, so that you can see how decayed the world is becoming.

You think Nollywood is messing up, but entertainment news is your favourite channel?

You don’t like the decadency of the youth these days but you see some peculiar videos on Instagram and you watch till the end. Then check the profiles so you can know more about that silly person?

Shey you don’t agree with sexual immorality but you don’t mind the quickie that comes with movies cause it’s not the real deal? Better still, my ladies, let’s discuss. You think it’s cute? It’s romantic abi?

You think sex with animals is stupid and horrible but you watched every single video that was released, googled others and will still watch whatever comes into your recommendation box?

You think that underaged girl twerking on Tik Tok does not have home training but you started following her and so you can harass the home training into her skull through her comment box, ba?

Then you my dear, are part of your own problem. And the Church’s problem too.

It does not matter how much you shake your head while watching those things against your beliefs. Neither does your caption as you repost them do. Here’s a fact for you- You don chop rubbish belleful already.

It’s like using your hand to scoop the deposit in the toilet and eating it. Then coming outside, wiping your hands and advising the household, “Don’t try to eat poop. It tastes bad and smells bad too!”

I have a personal experience myself.

Once, I came across a video showcasing American celebrities’ lifestyles. Boy, was I was flabbergasted. I watched the next recommendation then ten more. Then another ten.

Trust YouTube to bring more the next day as soon as I visited. It was the same journey all over until as I waited for yet another video to load a voice asked, “Chioma, what are you doing, here?”

I paused to think and had to ask myself if I was okay.

Suddenly, I realised I had spent time and data for two days on something I said I did not believe in or even like.

Trust the Holy Spirit not to let you off easily. I had to start a quick heart check right there and confess to myself that somewhere deep in my heart a tiny seed of desire had taken root.

I wanted that frivolous lifestyle of entertainment, spending and fun without responsibility too. I had fed the lust of my eyes and now wanted something dirty.

Thankfully, when darkness is exposed to light, it’s easier to come before God for purging.

Sin goes beyond your actions to the hidden motives of your heart.

If you do this same heart check now, you might just notice the same thing as I did. Then it’s a chance to correct your ways, clean out the particles of corruption taking root and never look back.

Remember that the assessment for sin is no longer only in action but in thought, those hidden motivations of your heart.

God does not ask you to play the religious game- of keeping your neck like it’s stuck in a neck brace. No. This is because my beloved, surely as the Lord lives you will see these things.

As long as you live in this world, you will be faced with corruption and more palpable ones coming our way but what counts is that you avoid this pollution as much as possible.

Guide your heart knowing that it’s the second look that causes you to sin.

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Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.


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