My Tailor Called Me A “Deeper Lifer”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had tailor issues. No matter which tailor I went to, they always found a way to return my materials to me looking like something straight from the underworld and 70% of the time, I’d end up tucking these clothes at the bottom of my box, never to be seen until I no longer felt guilty about disposing them quietly.

Last month, I decided it was time to sew some of the materials I’d received as gifts. You know, sew some simple gowns but this time I was going to get myself a nice tailor for once and I began to carefully screen some tailors designs around my neighbourhood as I passed by their shops and after months, I was sure I had found a pretty good one.

Soon, I and my sisters were at her shop with our materials. She had lots of beautiful ideas to share which I appreciated and agreed to but I was always adding or subtracting something from it like reducing the neckline, adding sleeves etc. By the 4th style, it was clear that I and the tailor were on totally different pages and I could just read the questions in her head she was dying to ask me.

When it was time to take my measurements, she went quiet as I softly added inches to her measurements. She would tell her assistant “Length, 42 and I’d say “44” We went on like this quietly as I tried to keep a straight face and out rightly ignored the questions I saw clearly on her brows.

The climax of that afternoon was when my younger sisters described the gowns they wanted, a long, full, 3-step gown without sleeves. The tailor whipped her gaze to me and back to them before exclaiming, “Ah ahn, you can sew sleeveless but why is your sister sewing *deeper life or is it not the same church you’re attending?” This time around, I could not hold myself; I burst out laughing at the look of pain in the woman’s eyes that felt she was speaking up for a downtrodden girl.

My sisters went into full defensive mode, “We’re not deeper life o. That’s the way she likes it”

I Wonder…

Later, as I thought back on the events of the day, I did not find it as funny. I began to wonder why she was quick to tag me as an over religious fellow simply because I chose to have my clothes sewn in a certain way.

I seem to remember that about 7 years ago, females with their natural hair (without adding relaxer to tame it) was tagged religious or a “deeper-lifer”, we had a lot of them in school but these days it’s a trend and many are reverting to their natural hair.

I wonder, is it that weird that I don’t want to wear clothes that reveal anything three inches from my collar bone? Or that I want a gown I can comfortably bend to pick up my pen in when it falls down? Or that I don’t want to walk down the street wondering if the reason that boy was smirking at me is not because my skirt’s slit was longer than I thought it was and he can see something I don’t want revealed? Or worse, the gown is transparent and I did not notice with my room lighting? Technically I’m paranoid enough with clothes; I refuse to use my money to sew something that will not give me peace of mind!

If you’ve ever faced the same situation with the tailor as I did, allow them! As long as they deliver what you like and if that tailor or whatever becomes disrespectful or gives snide remarks about your faith or style, carry yourself majestically out of her shop and business for life. But, not before stating clearly why you will no longer patronise her, so she knows. Don’t be sneaky about it. If you really feel proud of you, you won’t hide your reason or lie about it.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Wear what makes you comfy and keep to the simple rule of modesty even if people would say it’s outdated or not trendy. In your bid to leave up to people’s expectations or society’s you’d end up losing yourself and you just might never find that “you” again. And yes, I don’t mind being called a “deeper-lifer” if it helps the person sleep well at night or help them find a nice category to place me.

On a lighter note, my clothes are back from the tailor’s and I must say she did a very nice job all-round and they’re my style too. So I guess I’m going to make the new tailor my regular. She’s going to have to get used to my deeper-life style too. Hehe

*Deeper life is a Christian denominational ministry known for their teachings on holiness within and without, usually characterized by their modest clothing, long skirts, natural hair, without make up or jewelries.

Have any weird experience with tailors? Please share in the comment section.

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