Listen To Yahweh Tell The Fall Of Man Story

In the beginning…

Yahweh had to admit to himself that he could not sit still any longer. It was almost time for his daily visit to earth to see his mortal children. He looked at the angel by his side who quickly whipped his head forward but not before he saw the smile the angel was trying to hide. He knew the angels could not comprehend his love for the humans and he could not describe it himself. Boom-boom, He felt it. It was like a heartbeat and it was the cue the Almighty had been waiting for.  It’s evening time!

 “I’ll be back” was all he said before he stood from his throne quickly, arranged his robes and in a jiffy he was where he really wanted to be…where his beloveds were.

He walked through the lands he had created for man and smiled, it’s perfect! They will enjoy this for all ages and they’ll have lots of children too who will fill the earth. I guess I have to start picking names for the children. Then he laughed, what’s the need, Adam will simply peek into my head and copy it like he’s doing with the animals I told him to name. He was gloating now, we’re just too connected.

Soon, he was at Eden. “Adam” he called out as he strolled. He felt Eve come up behind him. She was tip toeing towards him and He smiled. She was always trying to catch him unawares. When would she learn, he shook his head. She did not make as much sound as yesterday though. Adam must have taught her a few tricks. Well, she does deserves something for her perseverance though.  And so, he pretended not to notice.

Suddenly, Eve hooked her arm around his neck and threw her weight backwards. He allowed her to pull him and they both crumbled to the floor. In a flash, she was up, screaming and laughing as she ran round him in circles, “I got you! I got you!”

He grinned as he dusted the leaves from his robes. He saw her husband slid from his favourite tree where he had been watching the entire time. Adam lifted Eve, swung her around and planted a huge kiss on her forehead. “You did well!” he was saying to her. Seriously those two, there’s nothing they don’t come up with together.

A lioness came to check what all the noise was about. When it saw it was only them, it went back under the tree where it had been with her cubs. “That’s called a lioness” Adam said pointing at it. “It’s a female. The male is a lion” He was very proud of himself. His eyes held a hint of mischief. They both knew where he had gotten that name from.

Yahweh could not hide his smile as his eyes involuntarily widened to mirror the excitement on Adam’s face “Wow, I like that name!” He came up to them “Come, show me what you’ve been up to since yesterday. Apart from learning how to sneak up on others, of course…”

As a result of that question, Yahweh and Adam ended up by the riverside for hours where Eve forced them to sit as she lectured them on her recent revelations on the fish anatomy. Eve, this woman is really something, Yahweh thought. As time approached for him to go back, a weight came upon his heart and he knew the reason for it. I can stop it. One word from me and they’ll be safe forever but that’s not my plan for them. I’ve given them the power of choice. Its one thing I’ll never take from them.

“Adam” he called.

“Yes?” They both answered. Indeed they were one person, he smiled

“Tell me, what did I say about the tree at the center of the garden?”

“We’re never to eat from it” They both replied.

“That’s right. You must never forget that,” he touched Eve on the cheek. “I’m going back now. Take care of yourselves”

“We love you!” they chorused and he knew they meant it as he walked back.

“I love you more,” he whispered.

Yahweh was worried. 20hours in earth’s time had passed. His beloveds were going to face one of the greatest temptations of their lives and he could not tear his gaze from them. He saw when the serpent came to Eve and asked her if God had really said not to eat from the trees in the garden and she corrected the serpent. She should not be talking to him at all! He saw her walk up to the tree and consider its fruit. He saw when the idea to disobey took root neither did he stop her when she plucked one or ate it. She doesn’t know what she’s really doing. No real damage done. His heart broke yet he remained quiet. Adam can correct everything.

He saw the woman give of the tree to Adam and he saw Adam choose to listen to the wife he had given him over Him, his Lord. He not only watched Adam eat the fruit too but he felt it. Like an arrow pulled from flesh, he felt Adam torn from him. He will never be the same. He felt the virus called sin take root. He’s open now. Adam is like an open wound, never treated…unable to be cured, left to fester until it caused the death of its carrier. Just like Lucifer…

His angels were horrified and indignant at this betrayal. They had not seen this coming. How would a man that God had given everything choose to wrong him like this? This time humans were really on their own. The last time, they had seen this, Lucifer had regretted his actions. There were murmurings all around “Just like Lucifer!”

God heard their thoughts as clear as if they had spoken them out loud. Boom-boom!  It’s time for our evening meetings. I can’t face them looking like that. I will stay behind today…and forever. But he still looked at them anyway. Adam was making a covering of figs for himself and his wife and his heart broke for the 3rd time that day. They are so weak! He doesn’t even know. “That is not enough to cover you. Nothing will ever be enough to cover you.”He whispered to no one in particular.  Even as he thought it, he knew he would not sit back. I’ll go back.

He walked slowly through the garden wishfully waiting for Eve to sneak up on him as usual, but she did not come. He looked at the Adam’s tree, but he was not there too. Even the animals had gone deadly silent. They feel it too. Even they, will bear the result of sin.

Yahweh stilled his heart from the regret piercing him and called out, “Adam, where are you?”

“I can’t come out. You should not see me like this, I’m naked” was Adam’s small pathetic voice answering from a covering of shrubs in the distance.

He walked up to the voice, “Who told you that you’re naked? Have you eaten of the fruit, I told you not to eat from?”

“It wasn’t I, the woman you gave me, gave me the fruit.”

Disappointed, Yahweh heard the man’s excuse and turned to the woman, “Do you know what you have done?!” Perhaps she would take responsibility.

 “Not my fault,” Eve sobbed “It was the serpent”

He turned to the serpent but it remained silent. Even a serpent is better than my own children I made rulers of the whole earth. But not even an apology?

His gaze swept through his beloveds. They were still trying to hide from him by going deeper into the bush. They will always hide from me henceforth, always running from my voice. They will never be able to approach me. They have knowledge but only to what their physical eyes can see. I am forever going to be hidden from them. “Was it worth it,” His heart ached to ask.  For perhaps the hundredth time that day, a father’s heart broke. “The sufferings you’ve brought to yourselves, was it worth it?”

“Hear me! Listen to the consequences of your choice.” He turned to Eve, “henceforth, you shall only bring forth children in sorrow! The land is cursed for your sake O man; only in sorrow will you eat from it. Out the dust were you taken and to dust shall you return. He faced the serpent, “You shall crawl on your belly and the seed of the woman shall bruise your head for all eternity”

He turned to go. This time, I won’t come back. There’s nothing to return back to anyway. Yahweh sighted the tree of life and knew he had to do something if he was ever going to save them at all. “You will leave this garden tonight. This is no longer a place fit for you” H closed his hearts to the woman’s sobs of anguish. If I relent and they eat from the tree of life, they will never be redeemable.

He looked at their scanty fig covering and shook his head. “Come.” There’s one thing I can do for you” He killed a lamb and made better coverings for them. At least, they’ll be warm. Then, he watched them leave their inheritance behind and walk into strife and sufferings. The man was comforting his wife and holding her close as they walked off. 

Yahweh sat on his throne. He watched Adam try to make a living for himself and his wife. Even the animals no longer listened to him. He looked around. He had everything he needed with him here. There is no reason to save Adam. He could manage perfectly well without man.  Man made his choice…

NO! I can’t.

 No! I refuse to allow Adam be forever torn from me. I won’t let him go into eternal damnation. I will provide a means of escape for him and his descendants. A redemption plan, a substitute, a replacement, a sacrifice is what I need.

 But this price is a hefty one. Who can pay it?

“Who shall go for us?” He heard his voice vibrate through the corridors, through heaven, through earth and below the earth.

Only one voice answered. The Word stepped forward “I will go father, send me.”

Yahweh looked at Jesus. He had not even hesitated. His love was written all over his face. Indeed this is my son! Indeed only I can pay the price. Death for death, a son for a son, You will go for us.”

“For God loved the world so much, that he gave his only son that, so that anyone who believes in him should not die but have eternal life”- John 3:16

The real bible account can be read from Genesis 2-3                                

I just gotta ask, “What then is love if not this?”

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