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I’m in Awe of My Fellow Humans

Today, happened to be one of those days I spend my hours touring the YouTube space. I somehow managed to find myself catching up on true crime with the likes of Idi Amin and his fellow monsters in human skin gracing my skin. Somehow I ended up in the Nigerian Civil War too.

I have decided to swallow the different thoughts that arose as I journeyed through that heartbreaking road to mention only two.


I think humans have gone mad. That is the only explanation for the amount of innocent blood that has touched this soil in history and is still pouring out into it.

Yes, we must have gone mad! The murderers, ritual killings, robberies, arson and other different types of insanity. Age is not even a restriction! Teenagers too?!

I can’t even go on but say that my fellow homosapiens have gone mad!

I could feel the pangs and pains of the earth as it cried out to God for relief, for a saviour and I tell you the truth, God is going to answer.

As someone recently studying the book of Jeremiah, all I heard in my spirit was, “Woe!…Woe!…Woe!” God is going to do his purging one day and it will be grievous.

The last time God passed collective judgement on the Earth was in Noah’s time. Since then, it has been a regional something- Gomorrah, Jericho, Israel, Judah, Moab, Edom, Egypt, Babylon and manyyyy others.

But once again, the king of the earth will speak, “Thus saith the Lord, you people of the Earth, hear me…” and it shall be grievous, I say.

The only hope is to run for cover. To choose the Lord’s side.

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