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I Have Received My Second Heartbreak from Nigeria.

As I watched Bola-Ahmed Tinubu of the APC party give his acceptance speech for the seat of Nigeria’s President, I was not exactly sure how to feel, truth be told.

But I was sure that if I tried to say a word immediately, my voice may break so I swallowed lots of saliva before commenting on the matter with my family. We had all voted for a different man but the corrupt electoral process took our say as thrash.

Funnily enough, I received my first heartbreak from Nigeria too. There was a season just like this one in 2015 when I supported a candidate and he ended up being the most uncompassionate and silly leader I have ever seen.

As I watched him go against his every promise without apology and play us for a fool, I lost hope in love and resolved never to trust in a better Nigeria.

Of course, by the next election, I spent my day in bed and did not care who these “hopeful” Nigerians put on that seat.

Until roughly four months ago in November when I saw another man with his cape flying high and this silly heart of mine fell again against all reason. Of course, I was afraid to believe and trust but I got swept off my feet in the face of his powerful love. I would love again 100% or give nothing of myself. Nothing like 50-50.

Now, this is me with a second shattered heart. I wonder how you guys with numerous heartbreak survive o. Hian, more grace to you all.

A part of me wants to shy away from the trauma but it seems I’ve gotten more mature while I wasn’t looking. I embrace this hurt, I remember it and I hand it over to my keeper.

As my people will say, Nigeria just happened to me and this, I accept BUT there’s one another thing I have to say.

I will explain what I mean in a next post. Click here to read it.

Thank you for reading!

This post serves as a documented memorial and does not stand alone. For the complete idea, please read the next post titled: I Joined ‘The Honourable League of Mad Men.’

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