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Have You Met a Programming Guru Today?

While I watched the choir minister today, I counted over 25 heads bathing us in their sonorous sound. Each with a smile on their face and bubbling up and down.

I did not see only heads. I saw God’s hands. Each of the bubbly youth looked different from the next person standing close to them. They had all come from diverse locations and none together. Still, they met at that particular point: 10:40 am; Sunday 30th April 2023; Mount Zion Institute’s Chapel, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

It got me thinking of different destinies and interwoven pathways. I saw God running millions of life simultaneously. He considers the past, present and future before he takes a move. There’s a newborn in China today, getting updated into the database and there’s the old man in Sierra Leone with only seconds to a “Program Successful” update on God’s screen.

This kind of super algorithm can never be invented on this Earth, I tell you. God is the greatest! Baba! You know you have my knee always.

It’s a new week. Walk into it with this assurance: God is great. He has everything figured out. I may not get the whole picture. But day by day, I’ll take that step in faith.

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