God Can Use Anything, Ask His Locust Army

Here’s how I imagine what went down the time God sent locusts to destroy the Egyptians crops to prove his sovereignty over Pharaoh. Let me leave you to hear it from the horse’s mouth, sorry, I mean locust’s mouth;

Papa told me that morning that I would get to see our distant relatives soon because the entire locusts of Africa had been summoned and our camp had been chosen to be the meeting place. It had never been heard before that so many swarms would be in one place! Even grandpa said same.  You could hear the buzzy activity in our community as swarms upon swarms of locusts arrived. When the meeting finally commenced, the Captain did not have to force anyone to attend like previous times and my mother was being her usual smothering self. She kept reminding me not to leave her side.

 “If you get lost in this crowd, you may never be found and stay away from those other swarms, yes, they’re distant relatives but they can’t be trusted”

Oh, I cannot explain the emotions roaring inside me as I stood in line, I felt so cozy to be in such a large gathering and when I asked, Papa could not tell our exact number but said even the captains too did not know. I remember wondering why our Captain’s face was glowing as he stood to address us but Papa shushed me up before I could ask.

“I bring instructions from Creator. None in this camp is to eat even a grain of corn until further notice! As of this moment, we are Creator’s Army and we are to prepare, wait and be ready to march to the destination he will show us.”

The moment he mentioned Creator, a hushed silence fell upon the swarms, not even a muscle moved then, something began to stir in my heart. “Did I hear right?” I wondered.  “The same Creator papa told me stories of his wonderful works? The one who made every single thing and still never forgot to care for even one of them? That same Creator?! Had the Captain just said that Creator had summoned insignificant folks like us?! I tried to but I could not stop the mist gathering in my eyes, “What an honour!”

I remember looking at the faces of the others and realizing I wasn’t the only one feeling that fire within my breasts, that was when I allowed the tears to flow freely.

Suddenly, a cry sounded from the crowd “All Hail Creator!”  

“Hail creator! Hail Creator!” Passionate voices all around me thundered in response and we stamped our feet till dust rose. We felt so powerful and invisible. Nobody moved from that site.

Finally, two days later, we were singing praises when the signal came. It had barely sounded when we lifted off the ground, family by family, tribe by tribe, platoon by platoon, no one broke their ranks. We flew with one mission in mind; to ravage the crops of Egypt according to God’s command. The flapping of millions of wings sent terror down the spine of any who heard us, we cast such a shadow of darkness with our every move. Never had such been seen, neither would it ever again be. We were Creator’s special agents, his punishers, the Locust Army.

This story can be found in Exodus 10: 4-19.

God can make an army of whatever He wishes and He’s still in the business today once he finds a willing people. Joel 2: 1-13 talks about the end-time soldiers The Creator is raising currently in our generation. Sadly, there are requirements to be amongst that army and not everyone will make it. To those that purge themselves, they will be vessels fit for the Lord’s use (2 Timothy 2:20-21) and like the Locusts Army, it’ll be an honour to serve when He calls.

 All Hail Jehovah!

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