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Forgive And Learn, The Experiences Within

As usual, the horizon on surfaces bestows a different meaning when it comes to context and perhaps there is a secluded reason for all of this. I wouldn’t want you to think of this as a mere experience of sorts but a triggered, subconscious narrative paving way for desires. Let me arouse your appetite with a small experience, may I?

Our method of getting water to the kitchen recently changed. It was tasking, not really new but certainly not what I was hoping for because I cannot remember the last time, I fetched water using “osuka” and a big basin. Unlike how it was, it would involve me taking water from the tap at the backyard, through the passage, then the kitchen. How stressful!! I like experiments and I try to have fun and gain little knowledge of everything I find myself doing. Having this new task of fetching water with my head as the fulcrum, I decided to create a goal “How to get a full basin of water without spilling a drop of water or emptying its whole content”. 

It takes about 7 trips to fill the “emergency” drum in the kitchen with the basin I was using. With all the equipment or apparatus set, I set out to accomplish this goal. 

My first trips were the worst, embarrassing, underserving kind. I was insulted by my comrades, therein, my alternate versions. I could hear the basin curse at me for my inexperienced, handling nature. I appeased even the “water gods” by bathing early or by drinking 2 sachets of water or even knelt in front of the tap. What did I not do? I remember asking a friend on how to fetch water. I browsed tips for getting a good posture and (I know you’re either laughing at me or surprised at the length one can go or you’re just uninterested but continue) addressed the necessities of my goal. For weeks, I had carried out several experiments to reach this goal all to no avail. Then the unimaginable happened!

Active Tuesday morning, while writing a cover letter to apply for a job,” mumsi” had called out to me from the kitchen to inform me that she needed water for cooking since there was barely any water in the drum. 

“Miiile, just one sec. I am trying to conclude this cover letter for the job I am applying for”, I responded.

Oh. When would you finish? I am leaving for a meeting and I need to cook asap”, she replied.

“Just one sec, one sec”

“Better still, take your time to finish the cover letter. I’ll get 2 basins of water myself and you can continue”

“No. I’ll continue the letter once I am done,” I answered though I was still typing.

Meanwhile, mumsi had gone to the tap to fetch water and with my sister’s help, the basin was on her head. (I kid you not) The Heavens stood still and watched my reaction. A single drop of water didn’t touch the floor. There was nothing really in what she wore, her posture, her steps. They all just synced. I watched in amazement until she was done with the 2 trips she intended.

Out of my curiosity, I asked her how she did it;

“Ha-ha. What did I do? (lol) You’re very funny. Are you serious about my fetching water?”

“Yup, I am extremely serious”, I answered keenly

“Experience, I guess. When I was younger, I had to use my head since kegs weren’t my thing as a lady. I used bigger basins compared to this. I think it’s just foresight, posture, balance and …….”

Howbeit words or expectations, we are met with decisions and crossroads of living. This hunger and thirst for a greater tomorrow all begins now. You can only attain heights of immeasurable limits only if you’re not limited. Several factors originate from the answers we live by or the opportunities we discarded, and they are bent on prioritizing results from our mindsets.

The answer you so desire is within your reach. Yes! Have an open mind to view and cherish the moments you gather but still be guarded by your standards and principles. This set-piece is a reminder that there are various scenarios, many outplay, different options in life and you have to take them little-by-little. Don’t judge yourself based on defaulted accomplishments or faulted outcomes. Be hopeful and be vigilant to commend people, affairs, life and yourself. However, among all things, always LEARN…


I am a Christian and a student growing IT Support Officer and Network Engineer. My interests are wildlife, poetry, food, tourism and research.


  • Francis Aderogbin

    This is really amazing. But I still can’t imagine someone would really pass through that stress to learn how to fetch water with basin…..

  • Tosan Omagbemi

    This was a lovely read, you don’t get some things just by trying it out one time… Sometimes you have to try and try and keep at it. LOVELY!

  • Favour Chin

    It’s kinda funny, especially when your fetching water and you’ve got people kinda looking at you due to your hands or legs shaking and your facial reaction,we must really keep trying to perfection…… Thanks Chioma,😁

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