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Dem Never Born Dem😒

Do you believe that no man born of a woman or snatched from her womb (did you see what I did here😉?) can ever stop your progress?

I read a book some years ago by Zac Poonen that settled this in my mind. Forgive me, I can’t remember the name but maybe Jennie Kizito can. In there, Zac explained that as an anointed young pastor, the superior pastor he was under was afraid of the members favouring him because of the grace in his life that the man did all he could to ensure he never got many ministerial opportunities and a lot more other heartbreaking things.

After a season of managing but still feeling stunted, discontent set in. He had so much within him that he felt was not getting any expression. So, Zac Poonen went to God to cry for judgement; “Lord, my superior is stifling the ministry you’ve given me!”

And God said, “Who is that? Who is your superior? Can any man stop my will from coming to pass? When I make a move, who can stand against me?”

That was it. His eyes were opened. He realised that it was God still hiding him all along. The pastor was just a tool. Therefore he stopped overthinking and settled. Years later, when God was ready, HE announced him.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief when I saw this. The man that could stand against my destiny has not been born. Neither does the principality exist. Because I have handed over my life to God and stay under his wings, I trust God to do with me as he wishes.

If I don’t get what I want, I go back to God to say, “I still trust you, Lord. I’m watching what you’re doing.” In short, I’m with a pen writing following this story of my life myself.

Where are you working? Your “wicked” superior cannot stop your destiny. Even the G.O. of your Church is too small to add even an extra minute delay to your mandate except you allow him. No law passed on this Earth can stop it either. Even the devil is merely a tool in God’s hand.

Follow God! Focus! Find your joy!

As long as you’re sincere with God and follow obediently, be at peace. Anxiety may come but shake it off quickly. God enjoys it when we believe him. Understanding this will change some of your prayer points to Thanksgiving.

Receive rest on this matter.

I looooove hearing from you💞

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