Cheers to My EFCC Mum

I was sitting in front of my mum only some hours ago. I had a packed travelling bag with me as we had one of our “talks.”

I had had this our regular event pushed to the last minute until I was ready to leave through her doors. I came, as usual, to bid an official farewell when mum eyed me. “Sit down and tell me where you said you are going again?”

Hehehe, I know the word I used before but what we had was more of an interrogation than a discussion.

My mother thinks I live life too nonchalantly for a Nigerian. She thinks I court death for a living😅. If she had her way, she would have me trust no human or non-human but you see, I refuse to live by that code.

Permit me to disobey you on this one, mother but I refuse to live my life looking over my shoulders and second-guessing every action. I plan to live freely and die freely. Of course, I don’t dare say this in front of her😂.

Anyway, she succeeded in gleaning every single piece of information concerning my trip – even the ones I thought I would not say. I think the Nigerian Police need some tips at the feet of this deity.

When I realised what today signifies on the calendar, I knew I would find no better opportunity to drag you😅.

So here’s me cheering to the numerous calls you put through to me – the ones I ignore as long as I can until I have to call back.

Cheers to all the eye rolls and face-palming you make me do.

Cheers to every interrogation.

Cheers to every rebuke.

Cheers to the thousands of checkups.

Cheers to the financial help you offer at every turn.

Thank you for always keeping me accountable.

Cheers to the future years of accountability coming up.

I have never taken you for granted.

Happy EFCCing.

Happy Mother’s Day, momma.

What’s your mother’s interrogation skill like?😅

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