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    Bro Churchill, Kneel Down

    Why have you sworn to dispatch God's body to the different ends of the world when you're not a delivery agent? Why can you not allow us to be one? These days, we have even forgotten your name. If not for your Church which you remind us of at every opportunity, we would not have what to call you by now...

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    My Dad Refused to Raise a Crybaby

    One evening, I was doing my work as usual and heading to where my father was sitting when he spotted me from the middle of the room and roared. "Are you not ashamed of yourself, ehn Chioma? Your younger brother will beat you every time and you'll be crying? Will you go and beat your own back?!" Chai, My tears seized immediately as shame washed over me. The next day when the little demon found his way to my side, I bounced on him and dealt with him until he was the one doing the crying. The disrespect from his corner reduced from that day henceforth.

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    Sometime in My Future

    Whenever they see one, they'll scream and run around like drunkards. One will try to force her small head through the window panes but it will stubbornly not let her through. So, she'll run to the balcony and climb the railings smiling into the sky. An action that will earn her a swat on her buttocks.

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    Even Tinubu?

    Took a pause last week to gather my head together. On one of such days, I was reading a Francine Rivers book, again, when I used my own hands to enter what I did not understand. If you follow her books, you'll know that she adds review questions at the end of each of them to help readers digest the message of the book. The last question of this particular book was: "do you believe everyone can be redeemed?"

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    Cheers to My EFCC Mum

    I was sitting in front of my mum only some hours ago. I had a packed travelling bag with me as we had one of our "talks." I had had this our regular event pushed to the last minute until I was ready to leave through her doors. I came, as usual, to bid an official farewell when mum eyed me. "Sit down and tell me where you said you are going again?"

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    Women Don’t Owe You Submission

    Any simple chance they give you to speak to God's people, it is only, "Submit! Submit!' we will be hearing. Who told you the sisters don't know they are to submit? Who told you many are not already praying about it and taking careful steps on the topic? Brother, be careful with us this new year.