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    I Have Received My Second Heartbreak from Nigeria.

    As I watched Bola-Ahmed Tinubu of the APC party give his acceptance speech for the seat of Nigeria's President, I was not exactly sure how to feel, truth be told. But I was sure that if I tried to say a word immediately, my voice may break so I swallowed lots of saliva before commenting on the matter with my family. We had all voted for a different man but the corrupt electoral process took our say as thrash.

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    I Think I Just Saw a Demon

    Our parents (I speak for my many different tribal friends) tried to soak us in this thing called tribalism; this system of "my own", "fear them" or the "onye Yoruba," "ndi Hausa," "omo Igbo" mentality growing up but many of us laughed them to scorn. We had found sisters and brothers very far from home and we were not willing to give it up. Now, I'm worried...

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    You held my hands that day and took me with you to the real happening place. True to your words, I met all of them there wearing their best clothes but it was the chief host that took centre stage with his flowing white robes and hair as white as snow.

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    This Matter is Not Your Concern

    That was how they were looking for who to throw Shadrach and his friends into the fire and these trained agents with 30 years of experience in Christian Oppression and Stumbling Strategies carried their big chests out. The next thing we saw, they were gone in the flames. Overdead...

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    No Dey Form God!

    Why should men be offended in Christ because of you? Who you be? Who do you think you are to control the destinies of men? Who made you a God to them? Just one word, gesture, inaction or action from you and you have influenced an entire being into a particular path...more often than not, a bad one...

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    Agama Lizard

    Sister sister, I have a bone to pick with you. The other day when your supposed "girlfriend" asked you if you thought the bust of her blouse was too revealing, you shook your head and said, "no!" But you and I know how you cringed when you first saw that cloth on her bed that morning...

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    The Book of Chioma

    Sometimes I wonder what the book of Chioma would be like if God decides to release it to generations to come as an update to the Bible. You know how we love to read the book of Esther and Ruth and glean so much from the lives they lived? Well, I wonder what my story would sound like to others...

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    Not a Valentine’s Special

    While the messages of purity have gone forth long before this special day, those who want to do what they want to do will do it. I know this and I have peace. They see us as old-fashioned talkatives, people who don't know how to mind their business and are secretly pained to not have what they are "enjoying." I know this and I have peace...