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    TRUTH OR DIE? (A Short Story)

    As Kingsley Ejikeme took his fifth bite of the spicy gala sausage roll in his hands, he suddenly remembered where he had seen the boy that had given him the gala before. His uncle was Ifeanyi Anyanwu, his old friend. His forty-four-year-old hands shook once but he clenched them. Could this be coincidence? He shook off the foreboding feeling but it was too late. It had already taken root. At home, that evening, his hands paused at the eba and Onugbu soup that was his dinner. The thought of swallowing his favourite meal made his already unsettled stomach feel like emptying itself. His mind was on only one thing- A…

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    A Beggarly Romance Tale

    Yetunde’s father was disgusted as he sized the man talking to his daughter in the market. He could not believe his eyes. Were they deceiving him? Why were they telling him that his third daughter was eating chicken with a man and blushing as they talked? The eyes were even now adding the extra information that the man she was talking to was a beggar. He made a mental note to see his optician the next day. He must be overdue for new lenses. Mr Balogun was not a fool. He looked closer. He had lived on this Earth for fifty-eight years. He knew this game he was witnessing very…

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    Have You Seen My Baby? (a poem)

    From the Stables of a Backsliden Christian… What does God’s presence mean to you? How much do you value his voice? Do you still tremble in awe of him or like Peter, you’re standing afar off? I wrote this poem in May. It was a time when my life was filled with much sadness steming from my disobedience to God’s instruction and my confusion and desire to fix it all and return to the way it used to be. Funny how you may not have noticed the distance that slowly crept in between you and your saviour or you’re still where you veered off the path of righteousness. Maybe you…

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    Unkind ( Short story)

    It was 1 am. Either way looked at it, it was too early or too late to be up. That didn't matter to Chika. She was frozen on the bed. She did not know how long she had sat there but she knew the pain gathering in her heart was unbearable, the thoughts churning in her head like pricks of needles. She beat her hand over her chest as if to massage the pain out. "Lord, pleasssee". Her hands were quivering, her shoulders shaking as she tried to keep her voice from rising enough to wake her roommates. "Lord, please", she gripped her hands together. "What have you done?"

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    Baby Magic (a poem)

    Her announcement brought jubilation, None it left without elation. To you, I must mention, Our inability to control our body's gyrations, The consequence of the revelation. Forgive us our over-celebrations. Very early we started preparations.

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    The Untouchables: Death’s Masters (Short story)

    A slight tremor accompanied his question. " I said who are you?!". Matter of factly, the intruder stated, "You know me". He was now studying another painting, nodding regularly, as he internalized whatever revelation he was getting. With this oath of sincerity in place, it wasn't long when he had summarized the entirety of his life on two firm truths. One, he knew death. Two, he feared death. How could he not? He had witnessed its supreme power. He was a firm believer- in death.

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    From A Professional Writer to Another.

    He sat in the darkness. In the still of the night. He stared ahead into nothing. His insides was a direct opposite of the stillness. Yemi watched the credits of The Train rolling. He was not smiling instead his heart beat had refused to calm. He was feeling like someone was sucking all the air from his room. The movie he had just seen was a documentary film about the years of an Evangelist Christian film maker. Needless to say, life had not been easy for him. Could a singlet choke a human? He idly wondered as he felt hot allover.