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Baby Magic (a poem)

Day 4: Life

Her announcement brought jubilation,
None it left without elation.
To you, I must mention,
Our inability to control our body’s gyrations,
The consequence of the revelation.

Forgive us our over-celebrations.
Very early we started preparations.
She, we warned to take caution.
We would have no deflation,
To our expectation.

We knew the weight of work involved,
Yet, some changes we unpredicted.
Even we the girlfriends,
Could not comprehend,
The motions of her emotions.

Soon, new life my friend was bringing,
Sorry, not bringing but pushing.
Our singer-friend was screaming.
Gratefully, we heard the crying,
The evidence of our careful waiting.

I sooo love the baby magic. What do you think about it? Don’t forget to drop a comment.

#30DaysWritingChallenge. #life

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