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Are You Sure About This Christianity Stuff?

Do you know that there is an estimated 10,000 religions in the world currently? Please, I want to know how you are sure you’re in the right one. Uhm, Yes, I mean you.

Do you know that your religion is not the only one with martyrs or that will add more names to its book of Martyrs by the end of this year alone?

I hope you know that there are persons that would be eager to pour out their blood as an offering if they were asked to by their god. Even God asked for a human sacrifice once. Yes, God stopped him but Abraham did not know that he would be stopped when he raised that knife that day.

Nobody can agree on how many deities are currently worshipped today but let’s say 10,000 assuming we give one to each estimated religion. Don’t forget that some have over 100 deities though. So how are you sure that this sacrifice and sincere worship you give is going to the right place? Or person?

There’s someone somewhere with more devotion than you kneeling before her god. She will probably get an answer to her desires too, so how are you sure, sir that it’s not the same god you serve, just different names?

Bros, are we even sure there’s even a God at all or like the atheist says, we are a delusional people?

There’s a thin line between Judaism and Christianity. Christians believe their Messiah already came and returned but the Jews are still waiting for theirs while they see Christians as blasphemers and deceived people. Christians even share the larger part of their holy book with the Jews. How’s that for a thought, uhn?

Ever noticed the many crossovers between the Bible and Quran? The low-key similarities between Allah and God? My sister, I said, how are you sure your own “God” is the right one?

There are uncountable philosophies in the world. What assurance do you have that you are operating the right one? That the plans you have for taking care of your partner and children in the future (if you don’t have one now) the right plan?

Even in the Christianity you practice, there are disparities in worship methods, doctrines and others. How are you sure it’s the right one you’ve been doing?

If Daddy Enoch Adeboye should call for a council of respected national and international clergy and after their first meeting, they return to pronounce Christianity as fake. Or something like: “God said he would be going on a break from humans until the end of days. He has asked humans to no longer pray to him as he is tired but to instead sort out our problems ourselves.” What would you do? How would you react?

See, my friends, I don’t know if I’m communicating this question well. Try to trace when you started all this “Christianity stuff.” Examine your feet. Where are you currently standing? What are you standing on?

Permit me to shift a little from focus.

Since I can remember, whenever I mentioned my name, the whole world would go: “Chioma Jesus!” Some would begin the “Chioma meh, Chioma” song. I cannot explain how much I disliked that frequent situation or the name itself but it’s another story.

As if that was not enough, many years later when Davido, the Nigerian singer got his new girlfriend (Chioma) and gave her his “assurance,” my name changed from Chioma Jeremiah to Chioma Assurance for many.

I heard and still hear different weird jokes coming from people like, “Chioma, will you be my assurance?”

“Chioma, where did you keep your assurance? Have you washed your assurance?”

“Chioma, what kind of juju did you use for Davido like this” etc.

And one of the most annoying: “Chioma, where is Davido.” None of these has ever been funny to me. They’re not my kind of joke. As in how or which Davido?😒 Usually I shut down the Chioma Assurance people and leave the Chioma Jesus to have their day. Mind you, I don’t like both.

But one of such days, that suffix struck deeper than usual. Davido’s affair with another lady got out and people started taunting Chioma for receiving a fake assurance. You know the story but that day a new question came: “Chioma, what kind of assurance do you have?”

What could I anchor my entire belief to? That day, I asked myself the same questions I placed before you today. And I got my answer.

I decided that I would cast my all on the “God of the Bible” in my hand that day. My hopes, my future, my dreams, my fears, my weaknesses. He could have all and the only assurance I would have would be that he would treat me the same way I could see him do in my Bible.

I don’t think I did a good job of explaining this assurance matter but it was not for you to understand my assurance but for you to find yours.

Are you sure you know what you’ve been called into?

Are you sure you understand the identity you carry?

I ask again. What is your assurance? Where’s the proof of it?

Hi, I'm Chioma Jeremiah. I'm passionate about helping my community see the beautiful light that each day brings. My goal is to inspire you with everything that will make each read the best for you.

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  • Pilgrim precious

    I was literally debating this topic with someone today. I will share this with her
    For me to believe that my God is the right one it’s easy for me to tell myself.

    When I look at the way Christianity is being broadcasted in the world ( the hate, mockery, discrimination) makes me sure I’m fighting the good fight of faith

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