All Christians Ought To Be Avengers!

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Marvel’s superhero movie, The Avengers, the one with all the cute super heroes, explosive personalities and awesome powers. You may have been rooting for them through the sequels down to Avengers: End Game because I was too. I wanted to go mad when in Infinity Wars, Thor struck Thano’s chest (he’s the villain) instead of his arm giving him the chance to eliminate half of Earth’s population including Black Panther! That was the saddest part for me actually, that Panther had to go and was not seen again until Avengers; End Game’s concluding fight.

If you’ve seen it, then I’m sure you have a favourite too. Don’t ask, you know who mine is already. Black Panther is like the best! He’s sleek, agile, big heart, the accent is to die for, he’s stinking rich and oh, not as arrogant as Iron Man.

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Vs Our Universe

I’m watching End Game and I’m like “Woah, this looks a lot like where we are right now as Christians” There are similarities between Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Our Universe .We both have strong arrogant enemies, the evil always lurking and the manipulations from forces hidden from the physical eyes. We might not have a Thanos but we have Lucifer, the enemy of our soul, accuser of the brethren and all his other aliases. Dare say I that he’s a more formidable foe than Thanos ever could be, even starting from the age difference, I mean how old do you think Thanos is, older than humans? Nope, he’s only a thousand years old.

God has been faithful to us all. Left on our own, we could never have beat Lucifer. HE exposed all his hidden works and agendas to us. Many of us were slaves of Satan, some consciously others not, but when Christ died for us; he turned the tide, now we’re stronger in Him. As Sons of God, we have renounced Satan’s rulership over our life and taken Christ’s yoke which is far lighter than the destruction and oppression Lucifer had to offer but if we stop here don’t you think it’ll be an early conclusion to our life’s narrative?

While we were sinners, ignorant to the truth, we were deceived into things, many of which we now regret. He tried hard to wreck our destinies, shorten our lifespan, messed up our families, our bodies and many horrible things (Romans 6:21). Yes, we gave him help but that’s in the past now.  How about a little payback for what he’s done? Don’t tell me you were planning to leave him like that?

Some Avenging Strategies sure to work.

1. Your New life; If we could all be as unrelenting as Lucifer is in targeting a soul, we would do far better than we are doing now. It’s true we have defeated the devil but we bring still need to manifest this victory in every area of our lives. You must be careful not to give him a quarter chance, not even the tiniest space (Ephesians 4:27) in our lives. We often face temptation but must be careful to not become relaxed because the bible records that even when Jesus defeated him, he only left him with a plan to return. Staying away from sin and complete surrender to the Holy Spirit is the way cause being born again and sitting on the fence is whack! You are soon to return to the pit.

2. Destroy strongholds in your family: A stronghold is a habitual manner of thought, built into ones thought life. You might have noticed that certain destructive habits or experiences in your life don’t only apply to you but others in your family tree like teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, cancer, untimely death, poverty and others. That’s a stronghold! You must not only tear yourself away from it but return as God’s soldier to uproot these roots he planted in your lineage that the coming generation may be free. It took some real calculations on Lucifer’s part to get those trends going, how about spoiling his labour?

3. Setting Captives free; if you’re up for some stealth mission, this is the right choice. 2Corinthians 4: 3-4 shows how the devil works. Like the sensible man he is, he prices the human soul above everything else. Taking this from him, is worth more than a billion dollars (Luke 9:25) and will hurt like hell. Through evangelism and intercessions for lost souls we can accomplish this. Remember how Peter was initially a simple, passionate fisherman that fell to temptation and denied Jesus but fast forward some weeks after his rebirth and he’s preaching to a multitude making Satan lose 3000 captives that hour.

4. Territorial Domination: Sounds huge? Yeah, I saw that spark in your eyes. You can go with this plus it’s totally worth your time and it’s simply means taking back territories for our King. This is the ministry of the gatekeepers/watchers/intercessors. Remember Mordecai? This was his forteˊ. He was low-key for a long time until Haman’s own plot swallowed him. He led the Jews to defend their tribe and thereafter, as second in command to the king, he protected his people (Esther 8:13). If this reminds you of someone else, I’m thinking it must be Joseph.

I’m getting fresh ideas, how about we just do everything? We were not called to be cake eating and TV watching Christians but weapon wielding soldiers. We’re in an actual war here! With Satan giving his best to destroy God’s people, we must take up our weapons and fight. Imagine what would have happened if The Avengers had not assembled to fight off their common foe or if they had left it all for one man, Then Thanos would have been unchallenged. They are their strongest when they fought together and each manning a different gate.

You are one of Earth’s mightiest heroes!

The Marvel Universe does not exist but our Universe does and it’s in need of real Heroes. Earth’s past heroes like Paul, Peter, Samuel, Mordecai, David are watching too; these men that turned their world upside down, they were relevant in their time. The book of Hebrews states that “the earth was not worthy of them.”

You see that title “Earth’s mightiest Heroes?” that’s exactly who you are.We were born to subdue the earth and to tread upon serpents and scorpions. We ARE the real Avengers! Captain America, Black widow, Gimora, Ant Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, Barton, even Thanos; they’re all figments of someone’s imagination but the war between Lucifer and the Church? That’s what is real. Thankfully, Christ has won the victory already.

Yes, you have a job but Christ got a job for you as well. Facts remain, If you’re not gathering with him then you are definitely scattering somewhere (Matthew 12:30). Even now God purchased us. Let us now live for him. Those days we served Satan, it did not pay, and we reaped death. Now let us give our all to Christ and fight with him. It’s worthy of note that Satan and his forces will not sit still and watch you tear down their kingdom but we have an entire amoury available for us listed in Ephesians 6:11-18, weapons far stronger than Captain America’s shield, Iron man’s suit, Wakanda’s vibranium all put together, that’s God’s word and it works! Even Thor’s hammer got destroyed by Hela, his big sister but God’s word is secure, it’s eternal and can never die.  In Jesus’ name, we have security and assurance.

Do you remember where Christ picked you from? That’s a testimony! Wanna share? Or you’ve got better ideas for our avenging strategy? Please leave a comment.

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